Direct graduate employers is a unique website. We offer direct, targeted access to thousands of the country's best women graduates eager to make their first career move. Women are under-represented in many companies and sectors so was set up to enable graduate employers to address this thereby creating a more diverse workforce.

The more diverse a workforce the more the evidence suggests that the greater the success the business will have. A range of people in any team will enable it to think more widely and consider a broader range of ideas and options. As our world shrinks so we need a greater range of people in our businesses to continue to develop our competitive edge. enables you to develop a real presence as an employer of choice for graduate women. There are a wide range of choices available from sponsoring our sector pages - raising the profile of women in engineering for example - to developing your own minisite. On our minisites you could carry video of great women role models in your business to inspire all our women graduates looking for their ideal company.

For a great many more ideas like these call on 0203 886 0160 or drop us an email to and we'll call you straight back. Our expertise lies in putting together a tailored campaign just for you, to achieve your individual objectives particularly with graduate women in mind.

Advertising Options

Advertise your jobs and include your company logo

If you are a recognised brand or are working on your employer branding this is the ideal way to be communicating your interest in recruiting women graduates. On the aim is specifically to become recognised as a leading employer of women and a constant presence will reassure applicants that you are serious about your interest in women graduates. There are also a range of other specific features which confer additional benefit not least of which that logo job advertisement get much higher response rates.

Additional features are:

  • You can receive applications to wherever you choose; your company website, a specific email address, your choice
  • Tracking links can be inserted on your postings so you can evaluate your response levels and compare them with other solutions
  • Filtering questions can be added to increase the match of your candidate base
  • Jobs are targeted by industry sector via email directly at top women graduates each week increasing your response rate still further yet ensuring non-matching applications are reduced
  • Jobs can be posted through consolidators like Broadbean and Conkers
  • Fantastic reporting on your roles advertised to graduate women; the response they are getting, which universities candidates are applying from, click through rates and a host of other information. Our reporting is unique in the market and we are proud of helping our clients meet their return on investment targets through excellent information.

However of course jobs can also be posted without your logo if you wish. This is a standard job advert.

Unique Home page promotion opportunities

Increase the interest in your role by making your business almost the first thing women graduates see when they hit on to the home page. Almost everyone starts here when registering or browsing the site for the first time and these particular advertising opportunities are prime and are proven to drive more applicants to view your company's roles for women graduates.

Homepage navTab banner

The navTab appears above the fold in the main navigation area of the site. The navTab also appears on every page of the site which graduate women applicants see which means your business is always visible to potential candidates whatever they are doing. We can link the navTab to a live job or minisite on the site or anywhere offsite of your choice enabling us to track the number of clicks to navTab receives on a monthly basis and report this back to you. This is a great way of building brand in the graduate women market place.

Homepage Slide banner

The homepage slide banner is shared with five other advertisers but yet provides an ideal opportunity to align your brand with women graduates. The slide banner can be a linked to a video, a job, minisite or offsite. The slide banner can be used as part of a "take over" campaign.

Homepage mini banner

A mini banner is a 90pix x 35pix mini banner which appears on just the front page of the website but draws more attention to your campaign.

All banners can appear on the site at specific times or throughout the duration of the campaign - your choice.

  • Minisites are on-line recruitment brochures which drive awareness and quality applications to your opportunities for graduate women. Minisites will provide candidates with a real sense of your company culture, and allow them to compare many different graduate employers. They are a perfect opportunity to outline how your organisation meets the needs of its women graduates.
  • Minisites are automatically suggested to graduates who match your specific requirements as they travel through the graduate women site
  • All minisites automatically create a traffic tracking page enabling you to view the statistical aspect of users visiting your minisite and clicking off to your own graduate website, if you have one, in real-time

Banner advertising

One of our banner advertisements can be one of the most effective ways of driving traffic straight through to your graduate opportunities for women. It will also raise your profile in this specific recruitment space. Banner adverts are the most visible ways of promoting your jobs and training opportunities on Banners can be:

  • tracked using your third party tracking links in order to track clicks and page impressions
  • directed to your live job or minisite on
  • directed to your own recruitment website if you have one.
  • Tracked in terms of the number of clicks on your banner

Industry Sector Sponsorship

This is a perfect way to indicate the opportunities for women within your sector. One of the objectives of graduate-women is to increase the application rate to certain industry sectors in which women are under-represented. By sponsoring a sector you'll take a 270pix x 80pix banner advert showing at the top of that page. You could link a log with a sector sponsorship for real impact and to make your business a leader of graduate women recruitment in the UK. Call our advertising team on 0203 886 0160 to find out the available sectors and costs.

HTML email eshots

Our email alerts are highly effective ways of both specifically targeting the right women graduates for your roles but also driving up quality applications. Graduate women are not on site all of the time and an email is a great way of reminding them to visit and view your specific opportunity.

You can target a range of candidates, by location, by degree, by degree classification, by range of Universities, keyword etc. So you can ask us to attract your perfect profile candidate;

A 2:1 or above woman graduate from a top 75 University (as defined by The Good University Guide) in accounting and finance or finance, authorised to work in the EU and would like to work in London.

We can also supply a predictive analysis of the likely impact of your eshot based on statistics provided from the search before you do it - so we may encourage you to widen the search or narrow it dependent upon your profile statistics.

CV Searching

If you want to target graduates directly we have the best solution on the graduate market. Our uniquely searchable database allows you to target graduate women by almost any combination of factors and approach them directly to let them know about a specific job, event or training opportunity within your business. You can view the top 50 CV's by industry sector or do a search against women graduates interests. We even allow recruiters to remove graduate records from our database if they occasionally find a graduate is no longer available for work - we ensure we are compliant with both the Data Protection Act but also that for our clients the data is as up to date as possible.

Account Management and Support

Clients using, our sister site, find our service levels great - we always get back to you by almost return of email and certainly in hours rather than days. We aim to offer the same personalised service levels across all of our sites and particularly with graduate women as this site offers such a great opportunity to tell as rich story.

On we'll not only help you optimise your ads across the site we'll also help you build a compelling story of why your organisation is a great place for women to work. You'll have a key account manager whose role it is to help you develop your recruitment strategy and achieve your goals. We see ourselves in partnership with you to deliver your talent strategy.

So your account manager will want to understand everything about your business and what you want to achieve in order to tailor your attraction package to suit your aims and your budget. Our aim is to deliver return on investment so we always have an eye to getting best value for you.

Our reporting is also top-notch. We track all jobs and response figures will be reported back to you both during and at the end of your campaigns with our unique analysis tool. If we spot something which needs our or your attention we're always pro-active about letting you know, tracking campaigns as soon as they hit the site to check you are getting the results you need.

We'd love to help you attract the top women graduates out there today so do call us on 0203 886 0160 or drop us an email to We'll get straight on to it.