In 2019 the UK became the world’s first major economy to legislate to become “net zero” carbon by 2050, meaning we’ll no longer be a net emitter of greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change. Achieving this ambition will also transform our economy - from the way we heat our homes, to the transport we use, to the way our industry operates. And it will bring a whole new set of exciting challenges.

To meet these challenges, we’re growing our teams in the Energy Transformation and Clean Growth Group and the Energy and Security Group. Together, these teams will lead our efforts to meet the Government’s commitment to net zero. Joining them, you’ll play a vital role in our sustainable future - and your work will impact for generations to come.

About the roles

Our work covers a wide variety of areas, from Science and Innovation for Climate and Energy, Industrial Energy, Energy Efficiency and the Smart Metering Programme, to Energy Development and Resilience, Clean Power Strategy and Energy Security - and more.

We offer a range of opportunities, with responsibilities varying from role to role.

Some of the work you might typically be involved in, includes:

  • Supporting teams developing and delivering policies or projects to achieve Government’s aims on net zero.
    • Providing support with the running of team finances, governance or project management.
    • Responding to correspondence or Parliamentary Questions.
    • Providing secretariat support, or co-ordinating events or meetings.

What we’re looking for

We’re recruiting to several roles and so we’re not looking for a single, fixed set of skills.

These roles require a diverse range of experience, and we encourage applications from those who bring transferrable skills gained in other fields and sectors.

We particularly welcome applications from people with previous experience or knowledge of energy and climate policy. This isn’t essential however, as long as you’re enthusiastic about this area of work and keen to work as part of a team.

Desirable skills

These will vary by role, but all require:

  • Good communication skills, verbally and in writing.
    • Experience of using Microsoft Office products such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Help make the UK a green economy

This is a fantastic opportunity to apply your skills, experience and enthusiasm to do what matters. You’ll be helping to drive fundamental change across every aspect of people’s lives and contributing to our international leadership. Above all, you’ll help us ensure we make this change in a way that’s fair to everyone in society and makes the most of economic opportunities for the UK. In return, you’ll enjoy the fantastic range of benefits the Civil Service has to offer.

Closing date: 1 March 2020.

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

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