Electronics & Complex Integration Systems Graduate Programme

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Duration: 2 years.

Location: Gaydon, Whitley or The National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC).

Hybrid working is potentially available, depending on the area and manager.

Jaguar Land Rover is a multi-site business and you’ll be required to spend time working with different departments at several locations. Once you’ve successfully completed your graduate programme, you can look forward to a long-term career with us. The role you take on will depend on your performance, personal preferences and business needs.

We are the future of modern luxury

We are the pioneers creating the next-generation of outstanding vehicles, founded on modern luxury. Each and every one of us are shaping the exceptional with soul. We are reimagining the driving of tomorrow and redefining what’s possible.

We are the future of movement.

We can’t wait to see what you can do with us.

Electronics & Complex Integration Systems Engineering

Automotive systems are increasing in complexity and becoming highly distributed across the vehicle platform. Electronics systems and their components are the power behind our cutting-edge customer-facing features, from assisted and automated driving to the quality-of-life improvements our drivers expect when using their vehicles.

Potentially rotating through a number of different specialisms, you will gain a rounded view of the business and develop cross-functional relationships with senior stakeholders as you deliver innovative engineering solutions.

On the Electronics & Complex Integration Systems Graduate Programme, you could work in one of the following departments: Engineering Body Chassis (EBC), Digital Product Platform (DPP), Engineering Vehicle (EV), Engineering Research (ER), Engineering Powertrain (EP), Engineering Operations (EO) or Reimagine Jaguar. You will be allocated to a department based on personal preferences and business need.

Engineering Body Chassis (EBC)

The Engineering Body Chassis department is responsible for most of what you see and touch in our cars. We work closely with design studios to translate award-winning concepts into engineering reality, factoring in performance, manufacturability, sustainability, cost and weight. Our remit spans lids, doors, structures, cabin and safety, cockpit, climate, seats, exteriors, lighting, glazing and roofs.

In short, we provide everything necessary for a great driving experience, including motion control systems for every situation. From axles to steering, brakes to suspension, we make it happen and you will be personally responsible for developing real-world engineering solutions – quickly gaining all the skills for a fast-moving engineering career.

Digital Product Platform (DPP)

Using cutting-edge tools and processes, including model-based techniques, to support system design and validation, you will assist in delivering the premium features and consistent quality that our customers expect from the Jaguar Land Rover brand.

Along the way, you could focus on driving the design and implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions or concentrate on developing models and simulations. Wherever you specialise, you will enjoy constant interaction with diverse stakeholders throughout the product development lifecycle as you draft and maintain engineering design documentation.

Engineering Vehicle (EV)

Our role is to deliver energy efficiency and outstanding customer support to ensure that Jaguar Land Rover products continue to be relevant in a changing world. This means that our engineering graduates learn to apply fundamental knowledge, vehicle test techniques and virtual tools to the development of our cars as we strive to reduce their weight, improve their aerodynamic and thermal efficiency, deliver ever-lower levels of wind noise and maintain their exceptional looks and performance.

Engineering Research (ER)

In reimagining the future of movement, we’re putting software engineers in the driving seat where they can steer evolving technology in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), infotainment or electric propulsion.

Engineering Research is an exciting department to work in: we are looking into the future and trying to map what is going to be happening in the world as we identify unmet customer needs and evaluate the technology landscape to deliver innovative products and services.

Engineering Powertrain (EP)

You can be at the forefront of engineering the most advanced propulsion systems for battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles for two of the most renowned luxury car manufacturers. Utilising our agile methodology, automated tool chain and over-the-air deployment, your work will impact real customers right from the start. From day one, you will work on live projects with the support of your team, which could include developing high voltage chargers, DevOps or battery management software algorithms.

Engineering Operations (EO)

Engineering Operations underpins technical innovation and product delivery with engineering expertise, tools and processes plus specialist technical services to create our world class products. We are a diverse team that harnesses a variety of skill sets, from information management and data analytics to building and testing prototypes.

Fundamentally involved at every stage of the engineering process, we are driving an exciting transformation in the way we create and deliver our products with class-leading technology and quality.

Join us and you can gain deep knowledge of emerging technologies and techniques such as modelling, simulation, data analytics, artificial intelligence and robotics. Your role as a test engineer will support our work in modelling, simulation, data analytics, artificial intelligence and robotics – so you can expect an enormous impact on the way we think and work.

Reimagine Jaguar

The Reimagine Jaguar division is responsible for product strategy, product engineering, programme delivery and product lifecycles for our all-new Jaguar vehicles. Joining the Electronics & Complex Integrations Systems programme, you will focus on concepts, requirements design, installation, testing verification and deployment across multiple applications for vehicle bodies, chassis, electrical and powertrain. This could involve supporting the introduction of new features, managing sourcing for key commodities, delivering software for vehicle programmes, designing systems and undertaking cost engineering.

What’s required?

You will need to hold or be on track to achieve at least a 2.2 degree in systems engineering, electronic & communications engineering, computer science, software engineering, cryptography, maths or physics.

You will require a real passion for problem solving and the curiosity to understand business challenges and deliver innovative solutions. You will also have strong numerical and interpersonal skills and the confidence to champion new initiatives.

Rewards and benefits

We haven’t yet confirmed our 2023 graduate programme salary, but in 2022 this was £29,000. You’ll also receive a £2,000 joining bonus to welcome you to Jaguar Land Rover, plus a generous holiday allowance, a discounted car purchase and lease scheme for you and your family, an excellent pension scheme and access to a wide range of deals and discounts from retailers and sports clubs.

You will use your innovation and creativity to the full every day as you develop all the skills for a fast-moving career. With ongoing support from industry-leading experts, backed by continual learning opportunities, you’ll quickly realise that our programmes are as inspiring as the vehicles you’ll help to create.

Please be aware that we close our programmes at any point and at short notice based on the volume of applications. To give yourself the best chance of being considered for a place on this programme please apply early. 

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