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Calling all Graduates wanting to make the most of life!

Live an entire lifetime in a single year. In a completely new culture. At the forefront of the new world. Teach English in China. Learn Mandarin Chinese and use the money to travel all over Asia. These teaching positions are safe, exciting, rewarding and reputable. Thus opening up a world of opportunities that your typical grad-job can’t even come close to.

What’s the job?

In this 12-month placement you will live and work in China like a local. You will teach English to children. Creating exciting lessons and activities to bring their imaginations to life. As a result, your lessons will make a positive impact on your young student’s lives and inspire them to learn English. From this job you will gain work experience in the far-east. Moreover, you will have international teaching experience to proudly add to your now not-so-ordinary CV. On top of this, you will earn phenomenally good pay, at least three times that of the average Chinese salary. We tailor these teaching positions to your own personal circumstances. Then we work with you to find the perfect start date, location, working hours and even the pay.

Where will I be based?

We have built a network of the very best schools all around China. Thus, we work with you to find the best location tailored to your preferences. From megacities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen. To areas of outstanding natural beauty such as Guizhou and magical Guangxi.

What job will I be doing?

Your role as a TEFL teacher will be part of a multi-discipline approach to teaching English. Typically, students will have 3 lessons per week. For 2 of these, students are taught English by a Chinese English teacher. Usually, these classes closely follow the school curriculum text book. Specifically, teachers concentrate on grammar and sentence patterns that need explaining in Chinese.

The remaining one class per week is taught by a 'foreign' TEFL teacher. As a foreign TEFL teacher, you work with your Chinese colleagues. Therein you support their topics and lessons and apply the vocabulary students have learned to new and creative exercises. Moreover, as a native-level speaker, foreign TEFL teachers are expected to lead the classes oral English development.

What are the students like?

Student age and ability levels vary from school to school. And these can range anywhere from kindergarteners to adults. However, students are usually Primary School age level. Prior to being offered a position, candidates will be provided full details of the school's specific age and ability levels that you will be required to teach.

I'm not a teacher nor have any experience. Can I still apply?

The beauty of these positions is that they require no prior experience. This is because full training is provided. Prior to your start date, your employer will assist you in an online 120-hour TEFL training course. Accordingly, this will be the foundation that your teaching skills gained in the classroom will be built on.

But I can't speak Chinese. Does this matter?

Actually, contrary to popular belief, many Chinese schools prefer teachers with no prior Chinese language skills. This helps ensure classes are only delivered in English. Thus, enabling a fully immersive teaching environment for Chinese students.

What Qualities & Qualifications and do I need for this?
• English Language proficiency to native level
• A Bachelor degree or above
• Passion to work in a classroom environment
• A burning desire to see the world
• Eagerness to dive into new challenges
• 100% commitment and dedication
• A hunger for more out of life

This position is in China. What are the visa requirements?
Candidates need to satisfy the requirements set by Chinese immigration authorities. Specifically, candidates need to qualify for a Chinese working (Z) visa. Nationals of the following countries are eligible:
• United States of America
• United Kingdom
• Republic of Ireland
• Canada
• South Africa (additional visa steps currently required)
• Australia
• New Zealand

What does this position open up for my Career?

This position would be an ideal placement to get a real taste for China. Moreover, you would build solid foundations in a business relationship with China. Be that from continued education or pivoting into a different sector. Likewise, the experience gained is a colossal addition to your CV. Additionally you earn the important life experience of travelling around the world first hand.

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Teach English in China.

Change your life, learn Mandarin, travel so much to so many different places and experience more than you could ever imagine. Take a year out to Teach English in China.

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