No Coding Experience Required - Sigma Labs Graduate Software & Data Engineering Programme (Free Training then £30k salary)



Why technology?

  • Musk, Zuckerberg, Bezos vs Blankfein, Gorman and Dimon - technology has won!
  • Starting your career in software or data opens up every industry and a huge number of high performance career options - don’t discount the benefit of a rising tide lifting all the boats.

Why Sigma Labs?

  • There are loads of companies that look like us: FDM, Sparta, Futureproof, Digital Futures, Kubrick, Xandertalent, M3, QA, etc. all promise much the same thing: 6 to 12 week technical training, then hopefully a 2 year job with a salary between £21k and £30k working with one of their clients (and if you leave in that period you have to pay back the cost of the training, usually £10k to £20k);
  • So why us?

○ Judge us by what we say and do: start with how many companies tell you about their competitors;

○ We are not set up by or owned by a headhunter or recruiter. We are not salesmen.

○ We have worked at and our investors come from some of the world’s most renowned companies, from BCG & McKinsey to Unilever, The Guardian and Google. We are all interested in high performance;

○ We are a start up education b-corp that invests in people through world class training: this does not mean we’ll teach you what you want to learn, for example if you are certain that you only want to become a ‘full stack java developer’, then we’re not right for you. We focus on software & data engineering and high performance professional skills that will enable you to excel longer term in many roles. As you excel, our clients excel and we recover the cost of the training.

What we offer?

  • The Training: a free 12 to 16 week intense programme covering software & data engineering: from JavaScript, SQL and Python to industry best practices (OOP, TDD & Agile). As important is the training in high performance personal & professional behaviour (from interviewing to problem solving);
  • The Role: after the training our laser focus is to find you a client and employ you in either our software or data track on a £30,000 salary. You’ll work with clients for 2 years helping them solve real world problems, while we continue to develop you technically & professionally. If we fail to find you a role with us, we’ll still try and help you find a role somewhere;
  • The Goal: at the end of the 2 years working for us, you'll join our network: >100 senior managers at some of the world's leading organisations, all committed to help Sigma Labs alumni long term. You should be able to earn £40k-£50k+ at this point.

What we're looking for?

The key is not the subject but that you do these things yourself. This is how you would honestly describe yourself:

  • Problem solvers: logical, mathematical, scientific, philosophical, artistic, name it;
  • Curious: you’re a self learner - from science fiction or plants to languages or crypto. You’re interested;
  • Communication: this doesn’t mean charisma. You put effort into being understood;
  • Persistent: you don’t get phased by challenges. You know not to give up;
  • Conscientious: you do great work for other people - a combination of ambition, work ethic & niceness.

Eligibility Criteria: you must have…

  • Economic: at least one of the following: grown up in a household with income <£43k, attended a non-academically selective state school, been eligible for free school meals or local authority care;
  • Education:

o 2:2 or higher (the subject isn’t important but you’re comfortable with numbers); or

o if you didn’t get a 2:2 or higher but still graduated, then you received at least an A or B in one STEM subject. We need to know that you’re ok with numbers and enjoy solving problems;

  • Right to work in the UK: UK Passport, EU/EEA Settled Status, Indefinite Leave to Remain (unfortunately we cannot sponsor Visas).

Location: the training will be available online and in person at our office in London.

The Application Process:

Apply here. We provide clear tips on how to do well on the application. You can also easily book a quick call if you’d like to find out more. Please note that applications are considered on a first-come first-serve basis.

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Apply now

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