Quantity Surveying Level 6 MSc Apprenticeship

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Contract: Full time, permanent PAYE contract, 40hrs (including 20% apprentice off the job training)


Apprentice Course: University College of Estate Management MSc Quantity Surveying Chartership Apprenticeship (33 months route)


We get it. When you started Uni, this was not how you envisaged graduating! Things are very different now; your preferred career path may already be vastly changed, or you may be finding a lot of doors and opportunities are closed to you due to COVID….

But all is not lost, you’ve earned a degree in a subject you love, you’ve honed your skills and you’re rearing to go. You’ve adapted to new ways of working and an unexpected online world and you’ve made it work for you – you’ve shown your tenacity by finishing what you started, you’ve adapted and kept on going.

Those kind of skills are nuggets of gold, and we know from experience the value they can bring to an organisation. It just so happens that they are also essential skills for SME business and for professional Quantity Surveyors!

At this point you’re probably thinking … “what is Quantity Surveying?” To put it simply, it is an exciting and challenging career. We are the glue that holds engineering and infrastructure project together - keeping everyone on track, finding solutions - watching the pennies and the clock!

It has probably never crossed your mind to embark on a career in Quantity Surveying. Your degree may be in a totally unrelated field, and you’re probably thinking it can’t be applied in a QS role. Don’t be so hasty - you might be surprised to know we’ve successfully converted Accounts & Finance graduates, DNA scientists, Mathematicians, Geography students, History graduates, Students of Philosophy, Law graduates, Aviation graduates and Civil Engineers... It doesn't matter to us what you studied before, it only matters that you are eager to learn, that you are curious, determined, adaptable and enthusiastic!

Never thought of working for an SME before either? Here’s a few reasons why you should… SMEs like us are small but mighty. We work on large, exiting projects with the ‘big industry players’, but we are a team of real people who we know well and who matter to us. We genuinely care about their careers and their development.

We always see the individual, who you are, what you are capable of, and how we can nurture your talents. You’ll never be just another number to us.

In an SME like Solomons, your input and contribution matters. Not just for the projects you work on, but to the whole Solomons Family - we all support each other’s success!

If you’re intrigued and want to know more about how to embark on a new Quantity Surveying career, head to our website for more info and apply to our MSc apprentice programme – you won’t regret it! Join Us | Solomons Europe


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We are a dynamic, dedicated team of quantity surveyors, procurement and commercial professionals, supporting major power, infrastructure, engineering and utilities projects and frameworks on behalf of clients and contractors across the Northern Powerhouse.

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