Sales Development Representative



Sales Development Representative

£30,000 + £10,000 + Share options, pension scheme

We are looking for a Superstar Sales Development Representative to join an exciting, Pre-Series A Saas company that has reported record revenues in just two years. This Company is scaling fast, is tripling in size this year, and opening two offices in the USA. The Company has just appointed a Superstar Chief Revenue Officer who is famous in the SaaS Industry for hiring graduates and accelerating their career progression into sales and management.

The Company sells an Artificial Intelligence Powered SaaS Solutiion that automates the running of contact centres and makes them more efficient, saving businesses a lot of time and money. When you interact with the customer service team of a brand, e.g. talking to an agent on whatsapp, your perception of that brand is formed. This influences your behaviours as a customer and ultimately your likelihood to buy from them again. If you have a bad customer service experience, this can be incredibly detrimental to a brand's reputation and bottom line. This technology ensures that customer service teams are run in the most efficient way so that no customer is left waiting in a queue or on hold for a long period of time.

The Company is a small team of 15 people currently so it is the perfect time to join and be part of an epic growth journey. You will be the second Sales Development Representative to join this business and you will be part of building the team and sales process


  • Book meetings with heads of Customer Service teams
    • Shadow sales meetings
    • Use a combination of phone, email, LinkedIn and video to book meetings
    • Form the sales process
    • Build a Sales Development Representative team

Type of person: The thing that this Company cares about most about are the raw attributes that you can't teach– intelligence, communication, desire to learn and humbleness

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