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£26,500 + benefits
East Midlands, West Midlands, Coventry
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Graduate job

Deliver the world’s most precious resource
We serve over eight million customers, across the UK. To do it, we’re constantly developing and maintaining our complex network of clients and suppliers, investing in sustainable energy, and finding innovative ways to drive efficiency, across our organisation. This programme will put you at the heart of that process, in four unique business areas.

Programme overview
Salary: £26,500
Location: Coventry
Duration: Thirty-six months

We’re a business with an ambitious vision: to become the UK’s leading water company. To achieve it, we’re focusing on developing fluid thinking, new talent within our business. Everything you learn and experience here will be focused on growing your skills, as far and as fast as possible. On our Finance programme, you’ll:
• Explore each of our four core Finance areas
• Take on a real, business-as-usual role
• Make a substantive impact on our company, throughout your journey
• Achieve a professional accounting qualification
• Develop all-round knowledge of a leading UK business’s financial function

Our placements focus on giving you on-the-job experience in actual business roles, from the outset. At the same time, you’ll receive the internal and external training - and time to study - you need to become a qualified accountant. If you want to develop expert technical knowledge as well as a thorough understanding of business strategy, we can help you put the two together in business-critical scenarios.

What you'll be doing

Build complete, in-depth knowledge
During your four, nine-month placements, you’ll explore all four sides of our financial function: Business Information, Planning & Performance, the Financial Services Centre, and our Group Technical Areas. At the same time, you’ll study for your professional accounting certification (either with ACCA or CIMA, according to your preference). You’ll also take on what we call ‘business-as-usual’ roles: positions that already exist and are integral to our business, rather than having been created specifically for Graduates.

During your journey, you’ll receive a combination of technical, on-the-job training (delivered by your Line Manager, and shaped to your specific needs and interests), our world-class, business-wide development training, and external accountancy courses delivered by professional bodies like BPP or Kaplan.

Make an immediate, lasting impact
With the arrival of deregulation in 2017, the emergence of new, sustainable technologies, and increased competition across the industry, there has never been a more exciting time to join Severn Trent. With a combination of established and completely new challenges on the horizon, you can expect to work on projects that will teach and test you, in very different ways. These are some examples of the important work our current Graduates are doing:
• Cost separation for OFWAT regulatory reporting
• Business-wide implementation of new budget-forecasting software
• Analysing and reporting on group cost drivers
• Developing a new, robust accounting process for our renewable energy businesses
• Designing and rolling-out training for cost centre Managers

Here, you’ll find out exactly how the financial department of a FTSE 100 company works, on-the-ground and in detail. You’ll also discover how the nuts-and-bolts of our accounting operations link up with our corporate strategy. You’ll then work on key projects that will drive that transformation, with the opportunity to continue your journey beyond the programme, into a permanent position that matches your interests.

Where we'll take you
Every Graduate who passes through our Finance Programme will receive a professional accounting qualification, providing you pass your exams. However, this programme is also a gateway into one of two key roles within our organisation:

Business Leader: working in Business Information or Performance & Planning, this position is focused on management accounting, and will allow you to collaborate financially with a range of stakeholders to drive business-wide improvements

Technical Expert: focused on financial accounting and reporting, in this role you’ll work with our Financial Services Centre or Group Technical Areas, exploring and refining the technical details of our accounting operations

Which route you take is up to you, and will depend on which elements of your four placements you’ve enjoyed the most. Once again, we’ll be on hand to offer you guidance and advice, if you should need it.

What we're looking for
• A degree in any discipline, with any grade qualification
• Strong customer focus with the ability to build lasting business relationships
• Sharp commercial thinking and the ability to create financial value in a project
• Attention to detail and analytical skills to find and fix the root cause of a problem
• Drive and initiative to deliver insights from data and communicate its meaning
• A passion for finance and the ambition to continually improve operational processes

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