Worldpay Graduate Programme - Strategy

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£36,000 including flexi benefits
Apply by:
3rd July 2019
Start date:
September 2019
Job type:
Graduate job

About the scheme
As a Strategy Graduate, you will develop and assist in the delivery of key strategic initiatives. You will be primarily supporting the Worldpay Global eCommerce team whilst also driving broader objectives for the business. You will report to the VP Sales Strategy & Execution and support in the planning, execution and coordination of range of eCommerce projects. These will be focused on accelerating revenue generation for the business unit. This role is highly analytical and will allow you to use data in order to drive forward decisions. As a strategy graduate, you will also have the opportunity to engage with critical stakeholders from across the business, including regional teams in the US, EMA, APAC, LATAM and China.

2 key behaviours
Be strategic: you will be exercising your ability to forward think about key business objectives, whilst analysing data and understanding the market, in order to create decisions which will ultimately impact revenue generation for the business.

Be confident: you will be collaborating with a range of senior stakeholders across the global business, where your communication is essential to achieving business goals. You will be expected to have confidence in your actions and opinions, in order to drive forward key strategic initiatives.

What you'll be doing
• Assist in the development and delivery of key eCommerce strategic initiatives
• Support strategy managers in project execution and development of project specific content and collaborate with Business Development team
• Perform analysis in collaboration with Insights Manager, Strategy Managers and Vertical Leads
• Support development and communication of quarterly/monthly/weekly Strategy updates
• Collaborate with other business units in progression of firm-wide initiatives
• Analyse data in order to create strategic ideas and decisions

Meet Anjali

"Worldpay’s not just innovative in its approach to the fintech industry, you feel it as a grad. You can be yourself, you can make mistakes, you’re not told what to do and how to do it. They give you an end goal and the space to figure it out."

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