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Graduates leaving universities in Manchester will have received one of the world's best educations - and will be in good stead to compete in a competitive job market.

Working in Manchester


Manchester's universities offer excellent opportunities for a world-class education - so how do graduates from Manchester differ to graduates from the rest of the UK?

To answer this, we looked at graduates from universities in Manchester who registered with in the last five years, analysing which sectors they want to work in, what classification they got for their degree, and whether or not they have work experience.


The five most popular sectors chosen by graduates from Manchester turned up no big surprises, as the numbers were in line with the national averages.

This means the most popular sector with Manchester graduates is Management, followed by Marketing and Banking. Looking more closely at the numbers, 34% of Manchester graduates look to work in Management, which is well ahead of the UK average of 28.5%, second only to Wales.

Graduates from Manchester were further on trend with Advertising and Public Relations and Finance in the fourth and fifth spots, as they are nationwide.

Most Popular Sectors for graduates from Manchester

Degree Classifications

Universities in Manchester have a proud reputation of producing first-rate graduates, and the numbers back that reputation up: Manchester graduates have the highest rate of First Class degrees anywhere in the country.

Our study shows that 11.7% of graduates from Manchester were awarded a 1:1 degree, edging Manchester ahead of midlands rivals Birmingham, who awarded 11.5% of their graduates First Class degrees.

However, Manchester universities fall behind the average for 2:1 degrees, awarding them to only 53.9% of their graduates - lower than rivals Birmingham at 56.7.%, Leeds at 56% and Nottingham at 59.7%.

Degree classifications for graduates from Manchester

Work Experience

Work experience and work place skills are often a big pull for employers when reviewing graduate job applications and CVs, and Manchester graduates came in close to the national average.

The number of graduates from Manchester who registered with work experience stood at 15.2%, only slightly down from the national average of 16.6%. That number puts Manchester behind Sheffield at 18.7% and Birmingham at 17.9%, but ahead of Newcastle at 15.1% and Liverpool at 14.2%.

% of graduates from Manchester with work experience