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Based on the South Coast, graduates from Southampton's universities are always in-demand from graduate employers. Their mix of high academic achievement, their variety of career ambitions and experience of the work place all contribute to making graduates from the city of Southampton excellent potential employees.

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Graduates from both of Southampton's universities are renowned for their quality, whether this be their academic prowess, career ambitions or work readiness. Because of this graduates from the South Coast city are always in demand from employers and we wanted to know what made them so different from graduates across the United Kingdom.

To do this we looked to at the data submitted by graduates from both the University of Southampton and Southampton Solent University when they registered on We looked at the data submitted for those who graduated between the years 2009 and 2014 to see what comparisons could be drawn between graduates from that particular city and graduates from the rest of the UK. By looking at this we could see exactly why this particular group of graduates were so sought after by graduate employers and recruitment teams.


When thinking about trends present among graduates from a particular region or city, we looked at the most popular sectors chosen by graduates. While the choices made by graduates from Southampton were not totally dissimilar from those chosen by the United Kingdom as a whole, there are certain nuisances that can be read from the results.

Many of the sectors found in the UK top 5 are also found in the top 5 sectors from the graduates of Southampton. This includes Marketing, Management, Advertising and Public Relations and Banking.

One interesting result that you can see from the preferred career sectors of graduates from Southampton is an inclination to more creative options. The inclusion of Media in the top five most popular sectors is one indication of this, while also the way that Marketing and Advertising and Public Relations also appears as a more popular option amongst graduates from Southampton when compared to the UK.

Most popular sectors for graduates from Southampton

Degree Classifications

Degree classifications can sometimes be a tricky one to compare, especially when looking at cities or regions with only a few or just one university. While this might not always be the most reliable barometer of a graduate's attainment while studying at university it does give a slight indication of achievement and work rate. While for Southampton's graduates this does show partly their appeal to graduate employers.

An impressive 9.6% of graduates from universities in Southampton were given a First Class Degree for their efforts, only marginally behind the national average of 9.8% of graduates. This should be of no concern especially when you look at the impressive amount of graduates got the next classification of an Upper Second class degree (2.1). A very respectable 52.4% of graduates got this classification, which was higher than the national average of 48.1%.

Degree classifications for graduates from Southampton

Work Experience

Work experience is increasingly becoming a key factor when it comes to determining a graduate's suitability or aptitude for employment. Employers like to see graduates that apply for positions who already have a grounding in what the work will involve or already have some professional experience in the sector or role. For this students from Southampton do not fare badly at all.

A respectable 13.5%of graduates from Southampton have managed to gain some work experience, just slightly behind the national average of 16.6%. Although this is lower than the national average, Southampton does do better than similar sized cities like Brighton, Leicester and Norwich.

Percentage of graduates from Southampton with work experience