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About Baillie Gifford

This is your opportunity to join Baillie Gifford, a leading independent global investment management partnership. Today, with in excess of £200 billion under management and more than 700 clients across the globe, we have over 1,200 employees working at our head office in Edinburgh.

Let’s forget about your degree for a moment, and instead, focus on you. Are you an inquisitive thinker with the imagination to see the world differently? Do you have the curiosity to explore new possibilities and the desire to create solutions that drive future development? Then we’d like to meet you. We think our investments aren’t all that different from the graduates we look for – it’s all about potential. If you join one of our five graduate programmes, our next investment will be you.

Investment Research

We’re searching for people from any degree subject who have the vision to imagine what the future could look like. Here you’ll delve into potential investments and research them from every possible angle – politics, people, culture and more. It’s not just about gathering information as we’ll want to hear your own unique viewpoint. We’re searching for original thinkers who can articulate how they see things differently.

Application Development

We’re looking for people who can create innovative software solutions to make our business work better. Working with users around the business, you’ll define and create systems with cutting-edge technologies, including HTML 5, JavaScript, Angular, ASP.NET Core, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, and C#. While your degree can be in any subject, knowledge of a programming language is essential.

Technical Infrastructure

This is your chance to explore how advanced technologies can shape the future of business. Our team maintains and develops our entire IT operation and uses technologies from leading vendors, such as Microsoft, VMware, Dell EMC, Splunk, Cisco, Bloomberg, Apple, F5 and Palo Alto. You’ll need an IT-related degree and the ability to explain how technology can improve our business.


The unique structure of our programme allows us to do things differently. Instead of choosing a specialism from the outset, you’ll rotate through five different departments in our firm, giving you the chance to experience a variety of roles, including opportunities in both fund and corporate accounting. You’ll work as a valued member of each team, while receiving comprehensive support to gain your CA qualification.

Business Operations

We’re looking for people who strive to make things better. Join a two-year rotational programme and experience the full cycle of over a dozen operational teams that support our growing business. Once you’ve built that foundation, you can launch your career in a specialism that is matched to your talents, skills and aspirations. Inquisitive minds from any degree can apply.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Rod Farnood
  • Role: Accountancy Graduate
  • Joined: 2016
  • University: University of Stirling
  • Degree: Accountancy and Business

I’m really pleased with my progress within the company so far. I’ve just been offered a line management position, which has come quite early in my career. I’ll be managing two people in the Finance team and, looking further ahead, I can see so many different opportunities in the company, working for a variety of different teams. It’s definitely a place that nurtures you, and there’s a real sense of camaraderie amongst my fellow graduates from across the organisation.


When I was studying for my accountancy qualification, Baillie Gifford organised course tutors and we were given plenty of time for revision before our exams. My managers were really supportive, helping me to structure my workload around my revision. The recently qualified graduates in the firm were also on hand to give me their guidance and my mentors, from various disciplines, were always willing to act as sounding boards for my ideas.

  • Name: Natalie McLaren
  • Role: Application Development
  • Joined: 2018
  • University: University of Kent
  • Degree: Web Computing

There’s a really great support network at Baillie Gifford and you’re always being encouraged to get involved in industry events. If you want to attend a particular event or training course, then you just need to ask. I’m really interested in blockchain technology and recently attended a conference in London on the topic.


I was impressed by the wide array of advanced technologies that Baillie Gifford were applying to the applications used within the firm. Some of the languages are used widely within web development today and weren’t introduced to me as part of my degree course, so that really piqued my interest. Reading up around the company, I also discovered that Baillie Gifford are researching the different applications of AI. This is an area that really interests me, so I decided to apply to their graduate scheme.

  • Name: Israel Iduoku-Ben
  • Role: Technical Infrastructure
  • Joined: 2018
  • University: Robert Gordon University
  • Degree: Information & Network Security MSc

I applied to lots of different firms because I wanted to find the right fit, but Baillie Gifford really stood out. The whole interview process is very personal and, since I’ve joined, it’s like being a member of an extended family. I never felt out of place and my colleagues always make themselves available to answer any questions I might have or help me through any difficulties.


One of the most challenging aspects of the programme has been getting to know all the internal processes at the firm. It takes time to learn how everything fits together, but there are always people on hand to help. My mentor is always there if I need someone to talk to, either on a personal or professional level. There’s also ongoing support from my Programme Manager, who I meet regularly and the line managers on each specific rotation. You’ll always get what you need if you ask the right questions of the right people.

What Graduate Programmes do you offer?

Baillie Gifford offers five Graduate Programmes in Investment Research, Application Development, Technical Infrastructure, Accountancy, and Business Operations.

Who do I contact if I have a special requirement and need help applying for the scheme?

Just get in touch and we will do everything we can to make our application process accessible to you. So, if you do need our support, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Where are your offices based?

Currently, our graduate programmes are located in our head office in Edinburgh. We also have other office locations globally. If you accept a place on one of our graduate programmes, you’ll need to either relocate to Edinburgh or be able to commute to our Edinburgh office.

Is there a minimum degree requirement?

We welcome applications from a wide range of disciplines and would expect a minimum 2:1 degree. (Applicants for our Technical Infrastructure Graduate Programme require an IT-related degree and applications for our Accountancy Graduate Programme require a Higher/A-level equivalent in Maths).

Do I need to have graduated within the last three years?

There is no time limit for how long ago you gained your degree and we welcome applicants who have gained postgraduate work experience.

How long before I hear back about my application?

You will receive an automated response when you submit your application to confirm that we have received it. We will get back to you to advise how we will progress your application, however, depending on the number of applications, timescales may vary.

Where will interviews take place?

At our offices in Edinburgh.