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Hopes. Dreams. Aspirations. We all have them. And chances are yours aren’t a carbon copy of everyone else’s. That’s why, at Capgemini, we give you options – and the freedom to achieve your ambitions your way.

Whichever of the many potential routes you choose to explore with us, you are guaranteed to enjoy early responsibility as you help to create, develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions to the knottiest business problems. Given that we are one of the world’s top consulting, technology and outsourcing organisations, with more than 180,000 people in over 40 countries, this will mean collaborating with big-name clients on some potentially very large and complex projects. It could also mean exploring sectors you’ve never even considered, from banking to automotive, healthcare to oil. Plus you will have opportunities to work with, and pick the brains of, many different industry experts along the way.

Your first task, though, will be to select your ideal opportunity from the various roles we offer across our business areas.

You might opt for our Management Consulting Graduate Programme, where you’ll work as part of our 4,000-strong team of consultants, helping organisations to completely transform the way they work and behave. Throughout the two-year programme, you’ll have access to a blend of training opportunities, which will help you acquire the skills, tools and methodologies you need. There is also the option to specialise in analytics or financial services.

Alternatively, you could join our Graduate Technical Community in one of a number of different technical roles including Software Developer, Test Consultant and Insights and Data Consultant. Here you could be applying your brilliant technical mind to anything from software engineering to network engineering, from SAP or Oracle consultancy to cyber security.

But it’s not just technical graduates we need. There are also opportunities to join our Graduate Business Community in a role such as Sales Associate or Finance Analyst – ideal for born communicators and relationship-builders who are looking to build a business-focused career.

All our graduates enjoy accelerated career progression and an environment that encourages entrepreneurial spirit, not to mention a flexible benefits package you can tailor to suit you. But perhaps the most rewarding thing we offer is the opportunity to grow. Despite our size and global success, we still have big ambitions – and we’ll rely on you to help us achieve them. So expect the training, support and challenge you need to capitalise on what makes you special – and to confidently pursue the career path that most inspires you.

Join us and be the you, you want to be.

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