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Why join us

We work with some of the greatest and best known names on the planet across all industries including retail, sport, business, finance, health, media and entertainment. Our people invent and apply hardware, software and technology services to help forward-thinking enterprises, institutions and people solve their most complex business problems.

Do work that matters.

Let your imagination run wild. Help us transform industries and professions with data; help us remake enterprise IT for the era of cloud; and help us create systems of engagement for enterprises. The opportunities are endless at IBM.

Innovate in a company of experts

You'll collaborate with people who are open-minded and excited about the same things you are in an environment that cultivates creativity and individual differences.

Grow and share your expertise

IBM is committed to helping you grow and share your expertise, while developing a diverse and esteemed network of colleagues from around the world. Work across different disciplines, master new skills and tackle new challenges. Your experience at IBM will provide you with the knowledge, resources and opportunities to enjoy multiple careers, all with the same company.

Join us as we make the most of these exciting times and discover what you can make with IBM.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Louise Fallon
  • Role: Technical Consultant
  • University: London School of Economic and Political Science (LSE)
  • Degree: Mathematics and Economic


Most enjoyable part of the job

I am currently working as a Data Consultant. The most enjoyable part of the job is getting to work on a range of different projects, for a range of different clients, with a range of different technologies. I've really enjoyed joining new projects, learning who the stakeholders are and the best way to interact with them.

Reasons for joining IBM

To be part of a company with a large client base, over multiple industries and technologies, with vast experience in the technologies that they develop, consult on and deliver. There are many opportunities to try many different things or to specialise and grow your expertise in certain area, which could be anything from a technical area such as a specific piece of software, to an industry such as Energy and Utilities.

How has your experience in the role compared with your expectations?

I've been able to move into quite technical roles a lot more quickly that I had expected. In my first project I moved from a role supporting the project management, into a role developing the code for the technical solution very quickly. I was also surprised by how much encouragement and support you receive from your personal manager, your "buddy", your service line, and from your project, there are always people who are happy to help and to point you in the right direction.

What sort of training did you receive?

There was some quite intense training for my first 5 weeks of IBM, this included technical fundamentals and also a wide range of consulting training including gathering requirements, developing a solution, and presenting it to potential clients. This was also supplemented by general training around softer skills such as communication and delivering presentations then also IBM specific training such as how to use the internal tools, how the global delivery process works, and meeting many people from across the business. I've also had some specific face to face training in an ETL tool that I used for my technical role, some webinar training about data modelling, and some self-paced training in Cognos, an IBM Business Intelligence tool.

How do you think you have developed since joining IBM?

IBM has helped me develop professionally, through my training and also through my project work where I have been put into many different situations with many different stakeholders and have had to learn to manage these effectively. I've also developed technically, becoming a lot more confident in discussing technical requirements, solutions and specific tools.

  • Name: Hannah Bache
  • Role: Business Consultant
  • University: The University of Manchester
  • Degree: International Management


What project are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a large public sector account up in Warwick. It is a 5 year project and the team is growing from 30 members in January to nearly 300 in August. This project is focused on the implementation of a Workforce Management Solution across England and Wales.

Describe your current role

On this large public sector account, I am the team lead for one of our functional areas. This involves running daily meetings with the client, where we present our daily progress, what we aim to achieve before tomorrow, as well as any issues/ blockers. This role also involves planning and forecasting for the team of onshore and offshore developers and functional Subject Matter Experts that sit within the team.

What tasks are you performing?

As my project is fairly large, I have had the opportunity to rotate and experience various roles within the same project. As Change Manager, I owned the creation of our stakeholder analysis piece. This involved working directly with the client to get an understanding of their strategic and user level stakeholder landscape. Once they were identified, we analysed and categorised them according to their levels of support for and influence over the implementation of our solution. This then formed the basis of our communications and marketing strategy.

What has been your biggest challenge in this role?

My biggest challenge on this role has probably been being thrown in at the deep end as a functional lead right at the beginning. One great thing I have experienced at IBM so far is how much responsibility graduates get! I had direct interaction with the client, running workshops, facilitating meetings, and contributing to deliverable documentations.

How does this role compare to what you thought you would be doing when you joined IBM?

I had never actually heard of some of the software I would be managing before so I didn't know what it would involve at all! I had 2 weeks training in Chicago which was amazing and went out a few days early so that I could enjoy a weekend there. I was very open minded about what I might be doing when I joined IBM. What attracted me to the organisation was the knowledge that there are hundreds of different opportunities to get involved in, in terms of roles and projects. In that sense I have gained a glimpse into the different options available to me, and I look forward to experiencing even more! I have picked up much more technical knowledge just from working within this environment, listening and partaking in conversations, and of course asking lots of questions!

What is your travel pattern on this role?

The project is based up in Warwick and my base location is Southbank, so I get the train up on Monday mornings, and back down on Thursday evenings!

What are you working hours on this role?

My working hours vary according to work demands. When my team had strategy deliverables looming, we had a few late nights with Dominos being ordered to the office to get us through! But generally we leave on Thursdays.

How often are you in an IBM office vs Home vs Client site?

I have spent the past seven months on a project up in Warwick, which was my first real experience of a project requiring travel. Generally, working arrangements on Friday are at the discretion of the individual. I probably spend 3 out of 4 Fridays working from home, but will go in to IBM South Bank on Fridays if I have any meetings, training or giveback there.

What is the best thing about this role / project?

The best thing about this project is the level of responsibility that we are given as graduates. We are trusted to get on with the work, to meet with the client and get things done. Generally, across IBM, the best thing is the people. Everyone I have met has been amazing and extremely helpful. Never be afraid to reach out to someone within IBM; I guarantee they will be willing to help!

Tell us one thing you didn't know before becoming a consultant that you do now.

I wanted to do consultancy so that I could get exposure to a wide variety of roles, responsibilities, clients and industries, and this has definitely been the right choice in order for me to gain that. I underestimated just how quickly we were expected and able to get stuck in to our new roles - it's a really exciting and dynamic job to have!

Training & Profiles

To make sure you get exactly the help and skills you need, we provide targeted training that includes a range of opportunities - from a formal mentoring program and career development to peer support and professional development.

There are 3 core elements to the training you'll receive at IBM:

Skills development

Whether you're focussing on business or personal skills development, we have our own dedicated training organisation to help. There are literally hundreds of courses available for you to choose from. And it's not all about sitting in a classroom. You'll have the flexibility to fit your training in around you - with downloadable courses, podcasts and webcasts.

Commercial exposure

One of the most valuable things we can offer you is the opportunity to apply your knowledge in a hands-on, commercial environment, or 'on the job training'. You'll work on real projects, with real clients, and real bottom-line deliverables. But not to worry, both your Manager and Mentor will be there to lend their full support, enabling you to gain as much exposure as possible.


In order to achieve your career goals, you need to have the right technical and professional skills, as well as appropriate accreditation and certification for your particular area. We will help you achieve the appropriate certification.

Application Procedure

Candidates will need to complete the IBM Application template which can be found and downloaded from our website. Once complete they need to upload it online.


  • You must be on track to achieve a 2:1 or above
  • You don't need to have a technical degree to apply for one of our schemes, just ensure you are passionate about the area you are applying for and can demonstrate the competencies IBM looks for
  • We offer a very competitive starting salary ranging between £30,000 and £37,000
  • As a Consultant, you will be based in our Southbank office in London. However you will often be expected to work away from London on a client site. When you are based away from home, IBM will provide alternative accommodation arrangements for you eg. a hotel and will provide travel and subsistence expenses
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