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Merkle Periscopix 2023 graduate opportunities

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Periscopix is a young, friendly and fast-growing specialist online advertising agency based near Tower Bridge. We are committed to providing the highest standards of technical skills and service and pride ourselves on an outstanding record of client and staff retention, with turnover rates significantly below the averages for our sector.

Our team currently numbers around 110, with a 48%/52% split of women/men and an average age of 27.

We believe that work should be fun and interesting and are keen to encourage all staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance, including adhering to a strict 9am-5.30pm working day. We work hard to foster a culture of supportiveness and co-operation throughout the business and have a diverse and inclusive range of social events throughout the year, ranging from fish and chip lunches to weekends away with partners and families.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Alex Hill
  • Role: PPC Search Account Manager
  • Joined: March 2014

Upon graduating I wanted a role which was mentally stimulating, analytical focused and in a fast paced industry. A hint of creativity would also be nice (I wasn't asking for much…). After discussing different types of marketing roles with friends, PPC cropped up and I started to delve into the intricacies of the industry. I quickly realised this ticked all the boxes.

Training & Profiles

We offer an in depth 3 month training programme upon joining and encourage continuous learning throughout your time at Periscopix. You will need to be an enthusiastic and well organised self-starter. As far as possible we aim to leave people to organise their own time, so you must be able to plan and prioritise effectively but also recognise potential problems and seek help where needed.

Previous experience in our sector is not required but you must be articulate and confident in dealing directly with clients in a wide range of roles and organisations. Strong written English is essential, as you will be communicating extensively via email and preparing reports for clients.

Application Procedure


Please check our website for more information regarding FAQs.

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