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Here at Societe Generale, we offer a very different path than a traditional Graduate training programme. Our opportunities are available all year round. They are live roles working with key clients on important projects. You will be out of the classroom and in front of the client, taking on responsibility early and working closely with recognised experts in their fields. By joining Societe Generale you will benefit from a tailored development programme providing you the opportunity to develop both technical and soft skills to progress in your professional path. Where you join and where that can take you is entirely down to you. We want you to be yourself, to find your way with the help and support of dedicated resources.

Join a team that is focused on developing your talent, join Societe Generale.

Societe Generale was established in the UK in 1871 as the Group’s first international office outside of France. We have established strong relationships with major companies, investors, business leaders and government entities, which we harness for the benefit of our clients.

The Group's expertise in the UK ranges from corporate and investment banking to private banking services, asset management, global brokerage and clearing services to vehicle and equipment finance. Headquartered in the City of London, we employ over 3,000 employees across the country and are a core hub of the worldwide Societe Generale Group.

Societe Generale in the UK is committed to having a positive impact on our local communities and on the environment. CSR is embedded in our culture and is a clear demonstration of our core company values of Team Spirit, Commitment, Responsibility and Innovation.

You can read more about the work we do - and the ways you can get involved – by clicking here

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This is only possible with the right people - the right team - working together, sharing a common team spirit.

People join for the impact they can have on us. They stay for the impact we have on them. A flatter structure offers visibility and exposure beyond that of our competitors, so you know our names, and we know yours. It's personable, human, and inspires success through passion. By encouraging open mindedness and a willingness to share ideas, we have adapted to market changes and thrived through innovation. Bringing words like 'dedication' and 'hard work' together with 'community' and 'respect' has enabled us to work collaboratively and build our future together. We call this Team Spirit and it's what makes us different. It's what makes you different.

Our diverse and talented workforce is driven by excellence and our clients and customers, whether they are individuals, professionals, businesses or institutional investors, in or outside the UK, want to have an extensive range of services at their fingertips. The size and scope of our business enable us to offer them these services and this is good news for job candidates, because it means we offer a diverse range of career paths.

Serving over 32 million customers in 76 countries, we are a truly international bank – and our workforce reflects every community we operate in. We don’t look for individuals with one specific background or qualification. People join Societe Generale from all over the world, drawn by many of the different aspects that combine to make us a great place to work.

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Apply: Societe Generale